Class Review: The Bar Method

bar method

After my dentist appointment in Winter Park, FL, I decided it’d be a perfect time to try a studio I’d heard about in passing but was just never in the area to try it out. Perfect opportunity! I signed up for the 9:30AM Mixed Level class with Trish immediately following my dentist appointment.

I was promptly greeted by about four girls behind the counter, including the instructor. They approached me with smiles and knew my name right away. This came off as both attentive but a little bit intimidating. They proceeded to show me the lockers, which all had locks and keys you could take into the studio with you. They then showed me the studio and grabbed my two sets of weights – 2lbs and 3lbs – and let me take a spot in the carpeted studio. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia when I finally realized this studio space looked extremely similar to that of any Pure Barre around the country. I had no idea the workout would be almost identical.

The instructor, Trish, started out by welcoming me in front of the entire class. I am not one to get easily embarrassed but I could see how this could be for some. We started out doing some light cardio to get our heart rates up then went straight into arms. Although the weights were light, the moves were intense. From there we moved to the bar and worked on legs, followed by “seat” – essentially a trouble area for most women where your butt means your legs. After that was abs and an extensive stretch.

Throughout the class, Trish would “warn” me of difficult moves to come and verbally applaud me if I was doing something satisfactory. She would also come over to my often, correcting my form and making sure it was 100% accurate before moving on to the next student. I definitely felt like I was well taken care of, and can see that continuing through all classes to come.

Overall, this workout was a great way to switch things up in my routine. Although my muscles definitely got a workout, I wouldn’t say this is something that would scorch a ton of calories or change your body in a short amount of time. I can definitely see myself mixing this class into my routine once a week.


Duration: 1:00 hour
Calories: 238
Average HR: 56%
Max HR: 85%

*Photo courtesy of The Bar Method Winter Park Facebook

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