Workout: 30 Minute Run/Row Cardio

Only have 30 minutes to spare but want to get an intense cardio workout in and burn 300+ calories? The below is my go-to. The 30 minutes honestly FLY by, and that’s saying a lot from a person who usually despises cardio. All you’ll need is a treadmill and indoor rowing machine, which most gyms typically have.

A few general baselines before you get started. Try to be at a 10 minute per mile pace or better. Each 100 meters on the rower should be :30 seconds or below. Push yourself, but know your limits! The above is to make sure you get this done within 30 minutes. An easy way to think about this is each round will equal 6. As the treadmill gets easier, the rower will seem more difficult.

Run 0.5 miles – Row 100 meters
Run 0.4 miles – Row 200 meters
Run 0.3 miles – Row 300 meters
Run 0.2 miles – Row 400 meters
Run 0.1 miles – Row 500 meters

I love using the rower because it targets your full body and can be an excellent workout. If you’ve never used a rowing machine before, be sure to review the below chart. Form is everything! The better your form, the better your workout will be.


*Image Courtesy of RowScience*

Sit on the machine, hook your feet in, and slide all the way up, legs straight with a slight bend in the knee. Grab the handle using an overhand grip. Pull the handle with you as you slide to the end of the machine. Use your legs to propel you and your arms to finish off the movement.

Duration: 30 minutes
Calories: 311
Average HR: 89%
Max HR: 101%

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