Class Review: Barry’s Bootcamp

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Barry’s Bootcamp is by far one of, if not the, most intense and intimidating classes to step foot into. I had been hearing about Barry’s for quite some time and never knew what the hype was all about. When I was finally able to squeeze in to a class via Classpass I jumped at the opportunity. I knew I was going to get a good workout in, but the question wasโ€ฆcould I survive?!

You start off by entering the studio and checking in. From there, an employee will let you know what numbered treadmill you’re on. Towels are provided as well as a separate juice bar (which costs extra). Most of my classmates were extremely good looking and fit, which was a little intimidating, but there were average looking people as well. I immediately felt welcomed by the instructor.

Depending on the size of the class, you’ll either start off on a treadmill or the floor. In this particular class I started on the treadmill. The treadmills are padded as such that it really helps reduce the pressure typically felt on a normal treadmill or road. For approximately 12 minutes we rotated between a jog (5-7 mph), a run (7-9 mph), and a sprint (8.5+ mph). This is usually much faster than I would run on my own, but oddly enough I felt like I could keep up. Sure, my heart rate was going insane, but it was almost like I caught runners high and didn’t want to give up. During the 28 minutes of total treadmill time, I ran 3 miles, which is much higher than my average!

After the first round, we switched onto the floor. On Wednesdays, it is always Chest, Back, and Abs, so for 12 minutes we worked on those. Most exercises used a bench and a set of weights. Most are basic moves that I would know without an instructor (such as burpees, chest presses, ab bikes), but the speed and weights the instructors coordinate really makes for an effective workout.

We went through 2 more rounds, one on the treadmill and one on the floor, using different speeds and inclines as well as an all new workout routine on the floor. By the end of class I was absolutely dripping with sweat and took the 2 minute stretching period to regain my strength.

Overall, the class is extremely challenging but very rewarding at the end of it. Even though everything is guided by the instructor, it is easy to tone it down a notch and go at your own pace. Instructors can be friendly, but it really depends on who you get. For the most part, you need to have a general sense of your form as the instructors will rarely come over and correct you. For that reason, this workout should only be taken by people who have a solid knowledge base. Otherwise, I completely recommend this workout and would have a full time membership if I could afford it!


Duration: :60
Calories: 614
Average HR: 86%
Max HR: 105%

*Photo courtesy of Barry’s Bootcamp Instagram

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